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Tuesday, September 29, 2020


CrowCast Weekend Wrap 2020 Round 18 v Richmond

Maybe a predictable result, but it was great to see the Crows finish off a really promising back half of the season with a gutsy effort against the likely flag favourites. Join us as we have a chat about the game and the recent movements in the coaches box!

CrowCast Weekend Wrap 2020 Round 17 v Carlton

THREE IN A ROW!!! Who would have thought that a month ago - a very solid win against a Blues team hunting for a finals spot. Lots to talk about - let's get around it.



What do the Fans say?

Crows announce Review following Fan demands

The Adelaide Football CLub announced a review of football operations yesterday, but is this really the review the fans have been demanding?

Blog of Crows

Sack him! If anyone within the Adelaide Football Club cannot see that change is needed from the top down, then sack the lot of them.

A fan’s vent!

Hearing pyke say he will not make wholesale changes just wreaks of a man without balls. The best coaches dont accept this sort of shit.

From the Wires