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CrowCast TNL 2018 Episode 31 – SNAFL Snafu

Two big finals coming up, plus plenty happening in the SANFL. Join the crew as we have a look at the big finals coming up this week.

CrowCast TNL 2018 Episode 30 – Oh Yeah, Finals!

Well the finals are on, and there's some Crows news about. Join the crew as we talk about the news and review last week's first week of finals.

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AFL must change this rule

With all the talk of rule changes in the AFL lately, there's one rule that's so hypocritical it needs to be changed immediately.

Cult of Personality at the Crows – Part 1

There's been so much reported about the training methods being employed by the Adelaide Crows - both physical and mental - that we thought we'd collate what we know so far, conduct our own research and include information we have received ourselves at CrowCast. This is Part 1 of that collation.

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