Im sure you will get sick of me… but i had to upload this rant to your page. Hearing pyke say he will not make wholesale changes just wreaks of a man without balls. The best coaches dont accept this sort of shit. Its rare i call for a coaches head, but im close to it because what i see in pyke is someone who is not brave. Not brave as coach or a mentor to these kids, particularly the ones on the sidelines who are actually worth bringing in. Reminds me of a robot.

Give me passion, give me flair, give us all hope that you can be brave Don, brave enough to drop the ones not pulling their weight and give some enthusiastic kids a go.. anyway, heres what i wrote on your wall…. Call for change as much as you like.. but its not in pykes dna. All this talk about offering anything and everything for grundy like he will be our savior.. even give up our potentially only ever top 3 pick for him, what an absolute croc of shit. The reality is this team needs a reboot and we start from scratch, we use the the we have to get games into guys to see if they are worth investing in moving forward… davis, poholkie, galluci, fog, stengle, mcadams when hes fit, himmelburgh.. you get my drift.. put time into these guys and wipe the slate clean.

This group has been around long enough and done the best they could and the club did waaay more than will ever be recognised by any media outlet.. for one, never giving up on a season, always aiming to make finals and play 100% best possible players, which got us to a grand final.. took 20yrs though. And we were smashed by top 5 and top 10 picks. As nice as it is always pushing to win and create a ‘winning’ culture, we have proven that it does NOT win premierships. What wins premierships is using the draft as its intended.. go down the bottom and get the best kids possible, then gradually make your way back up again and go again. I honestly will struggle not telling someone to piss off if they dont see that.. because rhe evidence is there and has been for years.

It will be another 18yrs before we get to a grand final if we try to do it the same way as last time.. i struggle that a club with millions of dollars invested cant actually see this, it boggles my mind beyond what i thought possible. Anyway.. im sure we’re gonna get a few more wins and then suddenly they will get ahead of themselves, but it will equate to nothing if we haven’t been playing the kids i mentioned earlier. Glad to get that off my chest.

Tommy Clark