The best and most in-form teams in the AFL will collide on Saturday as Geelong takes on Sydney at the MCG.

And even though the red-hot Swans enter the match with a nine-match winning streak, the Cats have been emphatically backed to win their 10th AFL premiership.

See all 14 experts’ premier, Norm Smith Medal and first goalkicker tips — and the full final verdict.

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Grand Final


Premiers: Geelong by 9 points — “They were the best team of the season by winning two matches more than any other team. And their form has not dipped.”

Norm Smith Medal: Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong)

First goalkicker: Tyson Stengle (Geelong)


Premiers: Geelong by 12 points — “They’ve been the best team all year and there’s a sense of destiny that Chris Scott will lead them to another flag.”

Norm Smith Medal: Mitch Duncan (Geelong)

First goalkicker: Tom Papley (Sydney)


Premiers: Sydney Swans by 14 points — “Geelong is hard to fault and deservedly favourites, but the Swans in my opinion are the best team in the league at taking away your strengths as a team. If they can take away Geelong’s weapon, they win — and I think they can!”

Norm Smith Medal: Isaac Heeney (Sydney)

First goalkicker: Lance Franklin (Sydney)


Premiers: Geelong by 15 points — “Hard to go past them. Had both tight and thumping wins on the lea- in which should set them up nicely. The management of bodies throughout the season also looks to have them in the box seat.”

Norm Smith Medal: Tom Stewart (Geelong)

First goalkicker: Tyson Stengle (Geelong)


Premiers: Geelong, 12 points — “Like they did against the Lions, it will be the Cats’ small forwards who step up with Sydney‘s McCartin brothers doing the job on Cameron and Hawkins.”

Norm Smith Medal: Tom Stewart (Geelong)

First goalkicker: Tom Papley (Sydney)


Premiers: Geelong by 5 points — “Toss of the coin as the Swans can worry them, but if they can withstand the pressure the Cats should win. I can’t really tip against them.”

Norm Smith Medal: Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong)

First goalkicker: Hayden McLean (Sydney)


Premiers: Geelong by 20 points — “I reckon Patrick Dangerfield will set the tone and have one of the best first quarters in Grand Final history.”

Norm Smith Medal: Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong)

First goalkicker: Jeremy Cameron (Geelong)


Premiers: Geelong by 11 points — “The best side all year will produce on the game’s biggest stage.”

Norm Smith Medal: Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong)

First goalkicker: Brad Close (Geelong)


Premiers: Geelong by 12 points — “Even if the Swans bring pressure, the Cats are too good not to dominate the match for a little while, at least. That should be enough.”

Norm Smith Medal: Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong)

First goalkicker: Isaac Heeney (Sydney)


Premiers: Sydney by 15 points – “The Swans’ elite pressure over four quarters, coupled with their dynamic forward line and underrated backline line, will get the job done.”

Norm Smith Medal: Luke Parker (Sydney)

First goal: Tom Papley (Sydney)


Premiers: Geelong by 23 points — “I just feel Geelong have larger depth of mature talent who may handle the pressure of the occasion better. Plus Geelong’s ability to generate a spare down back is something many clubs haven’t been able to negate.”

Norm Smith Medal: Jeremy Cameron (Geelong)

First goalkicker: Tyson Stengle (Geelong)


Premiers: Geelong by 4 points — “To be brutally honest, I wouldn‘t be surprised if Sydney won because I think Sydney in the last six weeks have been just about the best pressure team — and in my opinion come Grand Final day, the team that can apply the most pressure for longer win the game. But Geelong has the best side and if they play at their best, they win.”

Norm Smith Medal: Tom Atkins (Geelong) — “He’s built for finals footy.”

First goalkicker: Tyson Stengle (Geelong)


Premiers: Geelong by 9 points — “Cameron and Stengle the game-breakers despite Sydney’s pressure turning this into an old-fashioned scrap.”

Norm Smith Medal: Tyson Stengle (Geelong)

First goalkicker: Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong)


Premiers: Geelong by 8 points

Norm Smith Medal: Cameron Guthrie (Geelong)

First goalkicker: Brad Close (Geelong)


Premiers: Geelong by 12 points — “There’s something different about this Geelong outfit. A professionalism we haven’t seen from a team since probably the Hawks of 2015. They’ll be able to adapt to the conditions and tempo of the game with aplomb and be too classy when it matters most.”

Norm Smith Medal: Tom Stewart (Geelong)

First goalkicker: Tyson Stengle (Geelong)



13 — Geelong Cats

2 — Sydney Swans

Norm Smith Medal

5 — Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong)

3 — Tom Stewart (Geelong)

1 — Cameron Guthrie (Geelong), Tom Atkins (Geelong), Tyson Stengle (Geelong), Jeremy Cameron (Geelong), Isaac Heeney (Sydney), Mitch Duncan (Geelong), Luke Parker (Sydney)

First goalkicker

5 — Tyson Stengle (Geelong)

3 — Tom Papley (Sydney)

2 — Brad Close (Geelong)

1 — Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong), Isaac Heeney (Sydney), Jeremy Cameron (Geelong), Hayden McLean (Sydney), Lance Franklin (Sydney)