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Tuesday Night Live 2022 | Pre Season Wrap Up | 8 March 22

So we're dusting off the scarves and beanies ready for another big season of AFL footy! With the community series completed, we look at the Crows chances for 22, some big ins and some possible outs.

CrowCast Interview – Hamish Ogilvie on the 2021 AFL Draft

Listen in as we chat with special guest Hamish Ogilvie on the wash up of the Crows picks in the 2021 AFL draft with lots of interesting insight into the process and the Crows 2021 draft class.

CrowCast Tuesday Night Live 2021 – Final Episode with Tim Silvers Crows CEO

Our very last TNL for the year and what better way to finish than with a very special interview with club CEO Tim Silvers. Plus wrapping up the season - get around it!

CrowCast Weekend Wrap 2021 | AFL Draft Wrap

Our FINAL Wrap show for 2021, wrapping up the Crows draft selections for the year and celebrating a great 2021 for the CrowCast Weekend Wrap Show.

CrowCast Tuesday Night Live 2021 | Draft Night LIVE

LIVE coverage of the 2021 AFL Draft. Forget the boring longwinded Fox broadcast - join the CrowCast crew as we go live and cover the AFL draft with live chat, analysis and plenty of banter. Join in the discussion on our Discord Server and get around it!

CrowCast Tuesday Night Live 2021 | Trade Week Wrap Up | 19 October 2021

Probably an A+ to the Crows for their trade week work. Now it's just the draft to come. Join us for our second last CrowCast Livestream for 2021

CrowCast Tuesday Night Live 2021 | Trade Week 2

So a week has passed and...... nothing. The Swans are still holding out and the Crows are holding firm. Will we get Dawson over the line? Will we make a godfather 2.0 offer for pick 1? Lets talk about it on the eve of the last day of AFL Trade week(ish)

CrowCast Tuesday Night Live 2021 | Trade Week!

Trade week is here! Join us as we take a look at events so far and have a deep dive into the Crows squad

CrowCast Tuesday Night Live 2021 Post Season Episode 4 | 28 September 2021

Some big news today for the Crows as we head into silly season. Lots to talk about, get amongst it!

CrowCast Weekend Wrap 2021 Grand Final Edition

Well it's been run and won and congrats to Crows alumni Simon Goodwin on tasting the ultimate success as a coach. Join us as we wrap up the Grand Final and the season.