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Monday, April 6, 2020

Tuesday Night Live

CrowCast Tuesday Night Live brings you live and interactive news, interviews and chat about the Adelaide Crows Football Club.

Tuesday Night Live goes LIVE every Tuesday Night at 8.30pm ACST. You can also listen anytime on demand.

CrowCast TNL 2020 Corona 1

All the latest news as we lock down for the next few weeks plus a bit of fun and competitions

CrowCast TNL 2020 – Intermission

Well here we are at the most unusual place - but lets all get around each other and spend some time talking about the footy

CrowCast TNL 2020 Preseason 6

Well it's all about carona this week with the comp in general turmoil. We'll talk about all the goings on and try to make sense of things for you.

CrowCast TNL 2020 Preseason Episode 5

So what have we learnt? Join us as we wrap up the preseason, stash our toilet paper and gear up for a big 2020 season.

CrowCast TNL 2020 PreSeason 4

Not much in the win department last week but plenty to talk about with the Women narrowly losing to the Blues and the Crows U23 team going down to Port. Plus Dangerfield lols and much more AFL news

CrowCast TNL 2020 PreSeason 3

A narrow win gets the Women back on track, and we gear up for the opening Round of the Men's pre season comp. Plus all the Crows and AFL news.

CrowCast TNL 2020 PreSeason 2

Well the girls got off to a rocky start up in Brissy, but a lot to like about some of the new faces. We talk AFLW, AFL news and we have a chat about the changes to the Crows squad for 2020

CrowCast TNL 2020 PreSeason 1

Well here we go, a new season and new aspirations for the Crows and the CrowCast! But dont expect much this week, after all we're still getting over Christmas dinner! We check out all the pre season news, plus the AFLW season with special comments with Angela Pippos

CrowCast TNL 2019 Episode 42 – Draft Night!

The first round of the 2019 AFL draft is over and the Crows have played a pretty straight bat. Join us as we break down all the selections, talk about Fischer and look ahead at the remaining picks

CrowCast TNL 2019 Episode 41 – Ding Ding we have a...

Just when we thought we'd have another week of nothing to talk about, up jumps JR with a shrewd deal for picks - or is it? Let's spend the next 45 minutes working that out, plus all the other AFl and Crows news.