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Thursday, February 21, 2019

CrowCast Podcasts

CrowCast Podcasts is a fan based media group producing podcasts and other content for all of the dedicated fans of the Adelaide Football Club in the Australian Football League.

We love the footy and we love the Crows! We’ve always found the coverage of our great club severely lacking. Our aim is to give the masses of Crows fans something extra. Real analysis, real news, real interviews and real footy chat.

All our content is available on LIVE and on demand. Our Wrap show on Sundays at 7pm ACST and our Tuesday Night Live show on Tuesdays at 8.30pm ACST. Both shows will always be free to listen to live or on demand. If you’re a live listener, you can interact with other listeners and the CrowCast presenters during the show with our live chat.

CrowCast Weekend Wrap Round 21 v GWS

Well it's finally over - no chance of making the finals. join Nikki Macca and Feenix as we wrap up the weekends results

CrowCast TNL 2018 Episode 25 – What Post?

Massive Showdown win that keeps us in with a sniff. Join the Crew tonight as we discuss the Showdown, the upcoming match against GWS, plus all the news and views from around the AFL plus our usual competitions.

CrowCast Weekend Wrap round 20 v Port Adelaide

What a game! Join us as we wrap up a fantastic match and round of AFL football

CrowCast TNL 2018 Episode 24 – On the Canvas

Well we're just about out of the finals race, but there's still a tiny sniff. Join us for all the news and views plus competitions and Game of Crows

CrowCast Weekend Wrap Round 19 v Melbourne

Well we're on our last legs now after that devastating loss to the Dees. Let's try and sort through the mess.

CrowCast TNL 2018 Episode 23 Dee-revenge

Great win over a resurgent Lions and a vital match against the Dees this week. Lots to talk about, plus news, comps and Game of Crows

CrowCast Weekend Wrap Round 18 v Brisbane

Gutsy win by the Crows, let's go through all the analysis, plus a scores round up and the weekly Cockwomble Award

CrowCast TNL 2018 Episode 22 – So you’re telling me there’s a chance

Where there's life there's hope!! Join us for a bumper night incorporating the missed wrap show last weekend

CrowCast TNL 2018 Episode 21 – Going Going…

What a shambles that Tigers game was. Join the crew as we work through all the Crows and AFL news, discuss the match v Richmond and the upcoming clash against the Cats, plus competitions and Game of Crows!

CrowCast Weekend Wrap Round 16 v Richmond

Well we couldn't sustain our little form turn last week. Join the crew as we discuss the season ending loss to the Tigers, plus all the scores from the weekend's round of AFL.