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CrowCast Podcasts

CrowCast Podcasts is a fan based media group producing podcasts and other content for all of the dedicated fans of the Adelaide Football Club in the Australian Football League.

We love the footy and we love the Crows! We’ve always found the coverage of our great club severely lacking. Our aim is to give the masses of Crows fans something extra. Real analysis, real news, real interviews and real footy chat.

All our content is available on LIVE and on demand. Our Wrap show on Sundays at 7pm ACST and our Tuesday Night Live show on Tuesdays at 8.30pm ACST. Both shows will always be free to listen to live or on demand. If you’re a live listener, you can interact with other listeners and the CrowCast presenters during the show with our live chat.

CrowCast Weekend Wrap 2019 Round 5 v Gold Coast

Well it's nice to see the Crows have a pulse - easily their best performance of the season so far. Join us as we break it down, plus scores and news from the weekend's round of matches

The Rev Up v Gold Coast Round 5 2019

Time to get revved up for the Adelaide Crows MUST WIN match against the Suns! Do it for Eddie on his 300th.... PLEASE!

CrowCast TNL 2019 Episode 13 – Not the Crows I Know

Well it hasn't started the way we'd hoped, and the knives are starting to sharpen and questions are being asked. Lets ask a few and try to answer some tonight, plus all the AFL news and our competitions.

CrowCast Weekend Wrap 2019 Round 4 v North Melbourne

That was putrid - the worst Crows performance for a long time. Join us as we break it down, have a rant, check the stats and basically begin the healing!

The Rev Up v North Melbourne Round 4 2019

Join us as we chat about the must win clash against the Kangaroos in Round 4 of the 2019 AFL season

CrowCast TNL 2019 Episode 12 – Falling into the Danger Zone

We sure got Dangerfied on Thursday night. Tons to talk about as we slip to 1-2, with lots of chat, competitions and news

CrowCast Weekend Wrap 2019 Round 3 v Geelong

Ouch, this one hurt. Help us work out what happened as we run through all the stats and some video analysis, plus results from other matches of round 3

The Rev Up v Geelong Round 3 2019

Join us as we preview the big Thursday Night clash v Geelong

CrowCast TNL 2019 Episode 11 – Premiers!

Amazing scenes at Adelaide Oval on Sunday to discuss, plus all the stupid umpiring and other news from Round 2 of the AFL, our win over the Swans, and a bunch of other stuff!

CrowCast Wrap Round 2 v Sydney

What a weekend! The girls CRUSHED the Blues for their 2nd AFLW Flag in three years in front of a record crowd, and the men guts'ed out a gritty win away to the Swans. Join us as we have all the scores and analysis from the weekend's round of footy!