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Tuesday Night Live

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CrowCast Tuesday Night Live brings you live and interactive news, analysis and chat about the Adelaide Crows Football Club. Tuesday Night Live goes LIVE every Tuesday Night at 8.30pm ACST. You can also listen anytime on demand. In addition, the cast is streamed live on Facebook Live as well as being available on demand on our Facebook Page and YouTube channel. As well as great news and analysis, we bring you player interviews during the season. Then there's our great competitions like the legendary Game of Crows, Dream Team and Tipping, as well as live chat. Something for every Adelaide Crows fan!

CrowCast TNL 2019 Episode 17 – Back in the Top Four

A great win by the Crows over the weekend and some interesting AFL news to talk about. Listen in as we discuss the week that was and the game coming up against the Lions, plus everyone's favourite, Donkeys Competitions! (may or may not be everyone's favourite)

CrowCast TNL 2019 Episode 16 – It’s Showdown Week!

On the back of some solid performances, we head back home to face the arch enemy, with both teams sitting at 3-3. Join us as we talk AFL and the Crows, including the big Showdown coming up this weekend.

CrowCast TNL 2019 Episode 15 – Turned a corner

A good win and back to 3-3. Join us as we discuss the game, the AFL news, and anything else we might think of!

CrowCast TNL 2019 Episode 14 – Back in the Swing!

How about that Eddie show! Great to see the Crows back in the groove, but can we continue? Join us as we chat about all the AFl news, the Crows match plus Comps and Macca!

CrowCast TNL 2019 Episode 13 – Not the Crows I Know

Well it hasn't started the way we'd hoped, and the knives are starting to sharpen and questions are being asked. Lets ask a few and try to answer some tonight, plus all the AFL news and our competitions.

CrowCast TNL 2019 Episode 12 – Falling into the Danger Zone

We sure got Dangerfied on Thursday night. Tons to talk about as we slip to 1-2, with lots of chat, competitions and news

CrowCast TNL 2019 Episode 11 – Premiers!

Amazing scenes at Adelaide Oval on Sunday to discuss, plus all the stupid umpiring and other news from Round 2 of the AFL, our win over the Swans, and a bunch of other stuff!

CrowCast TNL 2019 Episode 10 – Clarko Does It Again

Will we ever beat Hawthorn again? It's getting monotonous now. Join the Crew as we talk about the game, plus the amazing Womens team, all the news and competitions

CrowCast TNL 2019 Episode 9 – Let’s Get This Party Started!

It's FINALLY here!! So much to talk about tonight - AFL Round 1, AFLW Semis, AFL News, Competitions... It's All Happening!!

CrowCast TNL 2019 Episode 7 – Giant Killers

Yes the lads got over the line against the Giants in JLT2, but how about those girls? Join us as we wrap up all the footy from the weekend, plus news from around the AFL.