noun: failure

1. lack of success.

“the 2017 Grand Final performance was a failure”

2. the neglect or omission of expected or required action

The trade period for 2018 has just finished, and while I sit here writing this there are a number of supporters still calling Justin Reid incompetent and unfit to keep his position. To this I can’t help but laugh.

This same Justin Reid has been instrumental in delivering us wins over the past two seasons alone.

In 2017 he managed to grind out two first round picks from Melbourne. In a later deal Reid also found a way to turn rookie selection, Charlie Cameron, in to pick 12.

And now, in 2018 Reid has successfully managed the trade of the wantaway Mitch ‘Flimsy’ McGovern for pick 13 and Shane McAdam, while also getting the untried Tiger, Tyson Stengle to the club.

We are a club that has delivered two premierships, albeit 20 years ago, and aside from the few failed finals attempts, we are yet to truly bottom out as a club.

We may not be subject to the flashy Dylan Shiel or Lachie Neale type trades, but truth be told, we aren’t a destination club and this is unlikely to ever be the case. And if I’m honest, I am 100% ok with this.

With this in mind, we shouldn’t be getting pissed off and demanding answers of our list management team, because overall there have been a hell of a lot more hits than misses and 2018 is testament to this. We, as a club, go in to the 2018 NAB AFL Draft in one of the strongest positions our club has ever been in.

Yes, there are three kids at the top of the pecking order from South Australia in Jack Lukosuis, Izak Rankine and Connor Rozee, but we are quick to forget that outside of these three there are another handful that offer just as much. Based on the 2018 State Championships, the three mentioned earlier Jackson Hately (SA MVP) and Luke Valente were head and shoulders above the rest of their team.

Sometimes it pays to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. After all, we have one of the best recruiting minds at the helm and the same bloke that plucked Tom Doedee from obscurity over the recently traded Ryan Burton.

Should we not have the opportunity to create a South Australian draft in 2018, we can hold faith in the fact that 18 players re-signed in 2018 and of that 18 the likes of Rory Sloane, Tom Lynch, Paul Seedsman and Tom Doedee, all of which are Victorian.

Moral of this incoherent rambling is….there are still five weeks until the Draft and picks can be traded up to and including live trades on the night, so let’s put the flame torches and pitch forks down for now.

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