Sarah Jones has delivered her Unconventional Club Review of Essendon for season 2020.

Jones was asked to answer a list of questions about the Bombers relating to their performance this year and what they need to improve in 2021.

Who will be the Bombers' next captain?

Jones: "I think we need to sort the leadership group out as a whole. It's been a revolving door.

"We need a good core of young leaders that are going to be the leaders of this group for the next four or five years.

"Let's change things up, let's get Andy McGrath in there.

"Another voice, another young strong leader, and see if we can get that uncompromising, ruthless edge to the club."

Tim Watson says: "I’m a big fan of Dyson Heppell, but he had a really interrupted year this year. It’s very difficult to lead when you’re not out there.

"Having said that, I would like Andrew McGrath to be the next captain of Essendon.

"But what I would do next year is I'd actually make co-captains.

"I'd have Dyson Heppell and Andrew McGrath and just help him along in that first year of his captaincy."

Who is the Bombers' next All-Australian?

Jones: "I love the work of Jordan Ridley.

"Best and fairest after just 26 games, he's only 21, he played every match this year, he's a star of the future.

"I think he has All-Australian written all over him in the future years."

Tim Watson says: "100 per cent I agree with that.

"I think he's still got some serious upside."

If “player x” plays well, the Bombers are always a chance of winning?

Jones: "Jake Stringer, but it doesn't happen enough.

"He's had 10 games this year, 15 goals, he's biggest haul was three, it's not enough for a player of his talent.

Tim Watson says: "I'd go Jake Stringer and he has to get fitter.

"(Christian) Petracca took that (his performances) to another level because he did all the things that he needed to do to become a great player and match his preparation with his talent.

"Jake needs to do that because he is capable of being that player. He is a match-winning player."

Left-field trade option?

Jones: "If they don't want to be at the club, move on.

"If (Orazio) Fantasia wants to go back home to Adelaide, off he goes.

"And with Joe (Daniher), as much as it pains me to say, he's taking too long. If he wanted to stay at the Bombers, we would know by now."

Tim Watson says: "I'm happy for Orazio to move on and Essendon to get the best deal they possibly can.

"Joe (Daniher), he wants to move on, so he'll go as well.

"Cale (Hooker), from my understanding, doesn’t want to move on.

"But if he did, and he’s got another year on his contract, and Essendon could facilitate that and he was happy to go … and Essendon were happy with a deal that they might be able to stitch up, then I’d be happy for that to be facilitated too."

Left-field trade target?

Jones: "I'm not quite sure what Bombers fans will make of this, but Josh Daicos.

"He is out of contract, he had a breakout year.

"I know pinching someone from Collingwood and Collingwood royalty would be incredibly cheeky, but that's the kind of club we need to be – we need to be ruthless.

"If he's the kind of player that we think can make a difference, and he's only 21, I think let's get cheeky and try and pinch him."

Tim Watson says: "I think Joe Daniher is going to walk out the door, so we need to replace him.

"Jeremy Cameron hasn't signed with GWS, so I'd be going as hard as I possibly could to try and get Jeremy Cameron over the line."

Which player is deserving of a pay rise?

Jones: "Adam Saad – pay him what he wants and keep him.

"Give him the money he needs to stay at the Bombers."

Tim Watson says: I'm a massive fan of Adam Saad. He is a super, super important player.

"I would imagine that he's not getting paid nearly enough."

Who deserves a pay cut?

Jones: "I'll go (Michael) Hurley, Hooker and Heppell.

"If the Bombers are going to win a flag in the next couple of years and those three players want to play in a premiership before they retire, we need some salary cap room (to target Jeremy Cameron).

"The older players need to sacrifice a little bit if they want to play in a premiership."

Tim Watson says: "Joe Daniher. He's been injured so we know that he hasn't been able to get out there and perform.

"He's been on a lot of money over the last couple of years and he hasn't been able to deliver."

Expect a big 2021 from?

Jones: "Sam Draper. He is going to be a star and I love his aggression and competitive nature.

"I think Sam Draper is going to be a really important player.

Tim Watson says: "Sam Draper for me too.

Big positional change in 2021?

Jones: "Paul Brasher as our president. I loved his words the other day.

"I thought it was really strong and I'd love to see him be a spokesperson for the club really aggressively."

Tim Watson says: "Mason Redman came to Essendon as a forward, a really smart forward.

"For whatever reason, this club has played him out of form. He can play as a forward again, I would shift him back.

"He is very talented Mason Redman, but he did lose his confidence and his way this season."

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