GRIFFIN Logue missed a season of on-field education last year, but that didn’t stop the Fremantle defender learning more ways to combat the AFL’s best forwards.

Logue, whose sporting background includes rowing and basketball, spent his time in foot rehabilitation wisely, learning from teammate Alex Pearce’s weekly game reviews.

“We’d sit in and watch his vision of the tape and I’d make a few notes when I was watching his games and my own, and then come and compare whatever our backs coach had to go through with him,” Logue said from the Dockers’ community camp in Geraldton.

“Watching the game you learn different things and can pick up on a lot more of the reviews, and you sit in on different guys’ reviews and review their games as opposed to looking at yourself.

“I think I have learned a bit as to how the game is played, but it kind of changes each year so it’s a bit hard to keep up to date with.”