Hi loyal followers. Just a note regarding the future of CrowCast today. We will be kicking off on the 28th Feb with our usual weekend wrap show, but the show will no longer be streamed to Facebook. In fact, we will not be using Facebook in any way into the future.
This is a personal choice that I’ve contemplated for a while, made easier by the events of the past few days. I cannot support a platform that conducts itself in the manner Facebook does. I haven’t used the platform personally for ages, only using it to promote the cast. That will end at the end of this month. I realise this might have a detrimental effect on the growth of our podcast, but so be it.
I urge you to follow us on YouTube (search “CrowCast” or click the subscribe button on this site) which will host our video stream and we will continue our audio stream on Speaker or your favourite podcast platform.
Also, get around our website, which I will be developing over the coming months to incorporate some community features, and our discord community server, which you can access directly from our site or from this link https://discord.gg/Ufxgqjh . For those of you on Twitter, we will continue to be on that platform, not that it’s much better than this.
Thanks for your loyal following on this platform and I look forward to talking footy with you all again during what looks like being a very exciting 2021 season.
Rob and the CrowCast team.
Im the Big Crow around here ?