Will Hamill competing for the SANFL Crows in 2019

Young Crow Will Hamill is using his first year at the Club to become a more versatile defender, taking elements from lockdown defender Luke Brown as well as attacking half-back Brodie Smith.

Not only is he refining his one-on-one defensive skills, he’s making the most of his speed to provide run and carry in the SANFL Crows backline.

The teenager has been lucky enough to have model his game around experienced duo Brown and Smith.

“I’ve been working on all things: defensive craft, the offensive craft as well, just trying to find the balance between the two,” Hamill said.

“A lot of blokes have really helped me.

“’Browny’ is trying to help me with the defensive craft, ‘Smithy’ is trying to help me with the run and carry.”

One of Hamill’s main assets is his speed he finished in the top three of the 20-metre sprint at the Draft Combine last year and it has been on show in recent weeks.

Against Norwood in Round 12, Hamill played against former Crows rookie Anthony Wilson – a player described by Crows coach Heath Younie as one of the fastest in the SANFL competition.

The 18-year-old kept Wilson to just 10 disposals, curbing his influence with his speed and pressure.

“It’s nice having speed as a weapon so you are more versatile, and you can play on those faster types,” he said.

“I like to work on using that speed to exit the backline as well, instead of just trying to keep up and defend those players.”

Younie said Hamill had been able to influence Wilson’s impact on the game twice this season.

“Will was outstanding against probably the quickest person in the comp, he did a fantastic job,” Younie said.

“It was another step forward in that defensive position, but Will was also able to get off him and run.”

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Hamill recently signed a two-year contract extension, along with his fellow young defenders Lachlan Sholl and Jordon Butts.

The trio have developed a strong relationship, on and off the field.

“Having ‘Buttsy’ and ‘Sholly’ back there is pretty cool because we have become close,” Hamill said.

“They are quite stable defenders too, so you build trust around them as well  it’s quite unique.”

Adelaide’s SANFL side will aim to return to the winners list on Saturday afternoon against North Adelaide at Prospect Oval.