Adelaide’s two first-round draft picks Chayce Jones and Ned McHenry were thrust into the spotlight on Thursday night as the nation watched their AFL dreams come true.

Returning to Marvel Stadium on Friday morning, the new Crows told AFC Media they had been overwhelmed by the support from their new teammates.

“I got a few calls from some of the Adelaide boys and some texts so they were the main ones I was excited about,” McHenry said.

“The Club’s been amazing, we were saying how quickly it’s felt like we’re a part of it and the players have gotten around us so much so quickly and the coaching staff and recruiting team.

“We went out for a bite to eat last night and it just felt so good already, so it’s really exciting.

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Meeting head coach Don Pyke, McHenry said it did not take long for the discussion to turn to the football field.

“Pykey was really good… he was pretty casual, obviously just getting to know me and I was getting to know him,” he said.

“We spoke about a few players that will be good for me to look at during the pre-season and model a few things on.”

In what was a whirlwind 24 hours for the 18-year-olds, Jones said he took comfort in how quickly the Club had welcomed him and McHenry in.

“It’s all daunting to start off with and you don’t know what to expect but they [the players] have been amazing,” he said.

“[Lynch] called me and I didn’t have his number in my phone so I answered not knowing who it was going to be and he said ‘Oh g’day it’s Tom Lynch, welcome to the Club’… having an AFL player call and make you feel welcome, it’s just amazing.

“[Looking forward to] getting stuck in to training, starting to work hard, get around the boys and earn the respect of everyone and hopefully make it a big 2019.”