Tommy Clark, faithful podcast listener, wrote this to the cast today and kindly allowed us to publish it here – excellent comments

Something i wanted to point out but too hard to type in the chat tonight.

1) Unfortunately with the crows swap of first rnd picks with carlton they will be mindfull of finishing as high as possible all year, so even if last couple games we have nk chance of finals i dont see them playing kids, imagine the disaster of not making finals and only being a few spots above carlton… or below


. Its human nature to want to keep your job, heads would have to roll at end of year if this scenario was to play out.

2) when was the last time the crows poached a player the other team wasn’t willing to lose? At what stage do they become the hunter

3) when are we as a club (and maybe fan base) going to realise that if you want to win premierships, you have to have a period of finishing bottom 5 (for the well run clubs).. Geelong, hawks, west coast, collingwood, tigers, bulldogs.. the only aberration is sydney, but they have done sweet fa since losing zoning rights and cola. We Must have a period of gain top 5 picks and if need be trade players we dont want to end of this year to get another. In hindsight we should of done this last year. Time the club was the aggressive party both in luring and in trading players. Less about luring this year and next though.

Anyway, if you have read to this point cheers, thats my 2 cents

Thanks Tommy!

Im the Big Crow around here ?