Channel 7 newsreader Tim Watson has defended a report suggesting that multiple Victorian clubs have made inquiries on All-Australian forward Charlie Cameron.

The report was made by fellow Channel 7 reporter Tom Browne on Monday night, who linked Carlton and North Melbourne to the Lions star and suggested that Cameron would be willing to move if a contract extension can’t be worked out with Brisbane.

Lions teammate Mitch Robinson was quick to criticise the story on Twitter, saying “it’s a bit early don’t you think media?”.

Former Melbourne captain Garry Lyon asked the question of Watson on Tuesday morning.

“Of all the things that emerged yesterday from a news point of view, Charlie Cameron is the one that caught my eye,” Lyon said on SEN Breakfast.

“You are going to have to tell me whether this is kite flying by someone or whether there’s anything in this. What can you tell me about Charlie Cameron?”

Watson replied: “This is not kite flying”.

“He’s got one year to run on his deal with the Brisbane Lions and he’s being managed by Colin Young out of WA. He’s very much a targeted player by a number of clubs.

“He has what a lot of other clubs would love to have and that is a super dangerous small forward. Generally, these things get done and players stay at their clubs, but he’s already moved once from Adelaide.

“I think a lot of people thought he would have been in for the long journey but he didn’t, moved on, got a better deal and maybe that points to the fact that he’d prepared to move again if the deal was right.”

Given the story suggests Cameron wants a big contract from Brisbane, Watson was asked what he believes the small forward would think he’s worth on the open market.

“Probably between your $600-750,000 maybe he thinks he’s worth,” he said.

“I think you’ve got to pop through 45 to 55 (goals) to get your $750,000.

“He’s an extraordinary talent and more and more those guys that may only get you 10 to 15 possessions a game but kick goals and make defences as nervous as he does and provide space and opportunity for other players, you’ve got to value them pretty highly in this game.”

Cameron is out of contract at the Lions at the end of 2021.

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