The Adelaide Football Club announced its new CEO on Wednesday.

After 17 years in varying roles at Hawthorn, Tim Silvers was unveiled as the Crows’ new chief executive, filling the job previously held by Andrew Fagan.

It was an exhaustive interview process with Silvers revealing the toughest question he was asked.

Speaking on SEN SA Drive, he said: “How are you going to deal with the South Australian media?"

“I think they were impressed with everything I’d done from a commercial perspective, working with the footy side of things, operations, I’ve run hospitality venues for footy clubs and sports consulting.

“It (the question) was, how are you going to go being the face? That was probably the biggest challenge for me.

“It’s something that if I can be who I am and natural, which I’m trying to be, I think that will hold me in good stead.”

Silvers also explained how the opportunity to interview for the top job came about.

He added: “I was approached. I noticed that Andrew had resigned around the end of January and I did speak to my wife about, ‘what would you think about me applying?’

“But I hadn’t got around to it and then I had two calls from a recruiter. I didn’t want to go through the process unless I thought I was a genuine shot.

“I did quite a bit of due diligence on the club. I wanted to know where they were at. Roles on the board and how the executive team were, that all came through with flying colours.

“Once I had the support of my wife and I did my due diligence, I had a genuine shot at it and I was lucky enough for it to come through at the end.

“I’m really proud to get the opportunity to work with such a great club and lead a great club in a great state.

“I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

Silvers grew up a Saints fan and wanted to be Tony Lockett when he as a kid. He played over 200 games of A-grade footy for De La Salle in the VAFA.

He was most recently the chief operating officer at the Hawks.

Photo: Adelaide Football Club