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Saturday, April 20, 2019


CrowCast TNL 2019 Episode 13 – Not the Crows I Know

Well it hasn't started the way we'd hoped, and the knives are starting to sharpen and questions are being asked. Lets ask a few and try to answer some tonight, plus all the AFL news and our competitions.

CrowCast Weekend Wrap 2019 Round 4 v North Melbourne

That was putrid - the worst Crows performance for a long time. Join us as we break it down, have a rant, check the stats and basically begin the healing!


Is it time for change?

It seems to me that the winds of change need to blow through the Adelaide Football Club playing group. But do the Crows have the appetite and courage for change?

Blog of Crows

Sack him! If anyone within the Adelaide Football Club cannot see that change is needed from the top down, then sack the lot of them.

What do the Fans say?

From the Club

From the Wires


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