Chris Fagan backs his side to turnaround their 0-3 start after a turbulent week while also throwing his support behind under-fire forward Eric Hipwood

Eric Hipwood, Chris Fagan and Joe Daniher after Brisbane’s loss to Geelong in the 2022 preliminary final. Picture: AFL Photos

BRISBANE coach Chris Fagan has vowed to stick with what he knows ahead of facing North Melbourne on Friday, believing his Lions would be galvanised by an eventful past week.

Speaking ahead of Wednesday morning’s main training session at Springfield, Fagan said the winless Lions weren’t far away from turning the corner.

The 0-3 start is the first time Brisbane has lost three consecutive home and away games since 2018.

“I think the key to it all is not to overreact and just stick with what you know that works,” Fagan said.

“Things turn in footy.

“I think sometimes the biggest mistake you can make is to jump around too much and change too many things and then you lose the essence of who you are as a team, and blokes really start not believing in themselves.”

Joe Daniher kicks the ball during Brisbane’s training session at Brighton Homes Arena on April 3, 2024. Picture: Getty Images

Although not committing to his 23 to face the Kangaroos, Fagan backed under-fire forward Eric Hipwood, saying the 26-year-old had enjoyed a strong start to 2024.

“He was definitely below his best the other night.

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“He kicked three (goals) against Fremantle, which was decent. He was reasonable against Carlton, and he had a really good pre-season, so he’s had one bad game. 

“It was a bad game, but it was one bad game.”

Fagan said the primary focus for Brisbane had been addressing its inability to convert inside 50s into scores.

In all three losses the Lions have got the ball forward more than their opponent, only to fall short.

“I always believe in moving towards the obstacles, not away from them,” he said.

“Don’t dodge anything, accept full responsibility for the way things are going, myself included, and just get on with it.

“That’s the best way to live your life because not everything goes perfectly. This group have been on top of their game for a long time. 

“We’ve been a very consistent group and we’ve hit a little bump in the road right now, but you’ve got to have some fun trying to work your way through it and know and have confidence that eventually we’ll get there.”

Brisbane’s difficult week began with the loss to the Magpies and continued over the weekend following reports of an off-season trip to the United States.

As part of the fall out it was reported the club would place a ban on certain media organisations, which is not the case.

While addressing his team’s on-field issues ahead of Gather Round, Fagan said the off-field events of the past week would unify his team.

“All clubs do that all the time when you’re under the pump, so we’ll be no different to that,” he said.

“At the end of the day, all we’ve got is each other so we’ll just be working hard at trying to get back to being the best version of ourselves this weekend.

“I think I’m a pretty good judge of how social interactions (and) relationships are going with team members.

“Probably that’s one of my strengths, so I’ve seen no evidence of any disharmony, which was what was suggested.”