Crows Members, Fans and Supporters, surely you agree that enough is enough. We have an Administration which is completely arrogant, dismissive and insular and more concerned with the bottom line than actually winning premierships. Premierships is what it’s all about. Please support our call for an independant review of the club board, administration and football operations.

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Dear Robert, Andrew and Mark,

We love the Adelaide Football Club. But we have had enough. You promised us authenticity, transparency and no spin. But we don’t feel you’ve delivered. We feel disenchanted, alienated and frustrated at the lack of accountability at the club. We have lost draft picks and gun players during your time at the club. We have seen coaches come and go. Camps and power stances. But the people behind the scenes are still there. The people responsible for these poor decisions and poor performances are still there. You are still there.

This is not about the financial performance of the club. This is about Premierships. We are a financial powerhouse, yet the mismanagement of the football operations of the club has left us nowhere near a premiership. It’s been 21 years. Do you really want to be that club? We, the supporters, don’t. We are a proud, parochial supporter base. There is none more passionate in the entire league. But why should we continue to be engaged and enthusiastic about the club when the club itself is more interested in our money than delivering a strong, successful football club?

We want action. We want change. We want you to be honest with yourselves and us.

We demand an open, honest and transparent review of the club. From the Board to the Boot Studder. We want this review conducted by respected football people with no connection with the club. And we want to be informed about it’s findings, and the plan to implement the recommendations.

This is the fans and supporters of the Adelaide Football Club demanding a man conversation with those who are honoured with the stewardship of this club at this time. Please listen.

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