As part of our website upgrade, we’ve added a members section. Initially, this section will enable you to view and message other members of the site, as well as write posts and articles which will be published in our “What do the Fan’s say?” section. As our upgrade progresses we will be adding other elements to the member section, including:

* Forum

* Image Gallery

* Patron Tier unlocked content

* Member exclusive competitions

* Other stuff we might think of

The main purpose of the member option is to create a community of Crows Supporters and provide a means for us all to communicate and interact. It will also assist us to deliver Patron specific content.

You don’t have to be a Patron to be a member of the site! 

If you’re keen to be a part of the next stage of our website evolution, post a few articles and interact with other Crows fans, simply head on over to and register.

Get around it! 🙂

Im the Big Crow around here ?