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Andrew Fagan Q&A with CrowCast

CrowCast were very fortunate to be able to sit down with Adelaide Football Club CEO Andrew Fagan and General manager Media Operations Ian Shuttleworth to discuss various issues relating to the Crows. Here's what Andrew was able to share with us.

Is it time for change?

It seems to me that the winds of change need to blow through the Adelaide Football Club playing group. But do the Crows have the appetite and courage for change?

Something new for the Weekend Wrap

One of the most fun and interactive parts of our livestream is the chat going on by our dedicated listeners. Well now we are going one step better.

Crows announce Review following Fan demands

The Adelaide Football CLub announced a review of football operations yesterday, but is this really the review the fans have been demanding?
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CrowCast Virtual Stadium

With the lockout announced by the AFL for round 1 and probably longer, we here at CrowCast are offering fans a way to get engaged as the watch the game on TV

Draft Tracker

With all the pre trade pick swapping, NGA and Academy prospects and general on the night madness, I thought I'd put together a tracker...

Goodbye Facebook!

Hi loyal followers. Just a note regarding the future of CrowCast today. We will be kicking off on the 28th Feb with our usual weekend wrap show, but the show will no longer be streamed to Facebook. In fact, we will not be using Facebook in any way into the future.

Whats happening to CrowCast in 2018?

As the year draws to a close. the CrowCast team wishes to firstly thank all our loyal listeners for your support during 2017. We have built a steady following and have a large group of (as Pete would say) rusted on listeners, and it's great to see the numbers each week and know that our rambling is valued by you all. We have some great plans for 2018, to further improve our offering as an alternative to the mainstream Crows coverage. Here's what's in store for next season

AFL must change this rule

With all the talk of rule changes in the AFL lately, there's one rule that's so hypocritical it needs to be changed immediately.

Member Rep Nominee Paul Edginton Interview

 We interview Paul Edginton about his nomination for Member Representative to the Adelaide Football Club Board ahead of the February 25th election deadline.